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Kockums at the forefront of Naval Technology

Welcome to ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems ABat the forefront

We are at the forefront of maritime and naval technology – above and below the surface. We design, build and maintain submarines and naval surface ships that are tailored for the littoral zone and incorporate the most advanced stealth technology. Other successful products include our Stirling air independent propulsion (AIP) system, mine countermeasures (MCM), submarine rescue systems and advanced composite material technology.

Our range of supreme products and technologies enable our customers to counter threats to national security and wellbeing in the littoral zone. We express this total ability to secure control as Littoral SupremacyTM.

Our facilities are based in Malmö, Karlskrona and Muskö in Sweden. We are a part of the global ThyssenKrupp group.


Kockums AB has changed it's corporate name to ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB 

Effective from June 1, the company's name is ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB. The name Kockums will still be used in our product names, such as Kockums A26 and so on.


The new name doeas not imply any other change to the company; our owner, staff, locations, products, organization and corporate identification number are intact.


The new name will gradually be implemented in all public and internal communications, for example at this web site which at the same time will be enhanced both in terms of content and design.

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